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I. Brewster & Co. began operation over 30 years ago as a wholesale Fine Art operation working out of a small 1000 square foot walk-down in Philadelphia. Today the company has an experienced and knowledgeable staff of 22 with a magnificent depth of inventory in Masters, Contemporary and Pop Art paintings, drawings and original prints.  

The gallery is known worldwide as one of the major primary sources for Louis Icart works. Owner, Nathan D. Isen is a specialist in Louis Icart, and co-authored the catalogue raisonne Louis Icart: The Complete Etchings Limited Edition Graphics, now in its fourth printing. The gallery’s inventory exceeds 40,000 pieces. (So if you do not see it on the website / it does not mean we do not have it / just contact us).

The Pop, Contemporary and Masters Art market is continuing to boom with an ever rising demand on availability. For the most part, this is due to a scarcity of ‘material’ or ‘product’, as it were: so many of the blue-chip artists have passed away; an increasing demand from Europe, Russia, China and South America as well as the traditionally strong demand in the United States. Much of the work by Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, Picasso, Renoir, Rockwell, Degas, Miro, et al. have been setting record levels at auctions recently. As well, these artists’ prints have been appreciating in value at 20% to 55% per year. 

We sell fine art as an investment vehicle. Blue-chip art has been one of the few high-end discretionary items which can be fully enjoyed aesthetically while retaining its market value and, more often than not, increasing in value. Because of this, the gallery offers a “20 Year Exchange Policy” which means that they will take most anything back in exchange for new art. Moreover, many shrewd clients sell pieces through the gallery and realize substantial gains.

This is all part of the company’s philosophy: to offer private, corporate and dealer clients the finest artwork at the most reasonable price points possible — simple and straight-forward.  
Due to the related cost factors involved with owning a fine art inventory outright, most art dealers and galleries selling ‘Blue Chip’ artists do not actually own any of the art they are exhibiting and selling. This lack of control can be very detrimental and frustrating to the buyer. The results are usually higher prices on pieces of unknown condition or – worse yet – on ‘phantom’ pieces that are not even available to this type of situation. As one of the largest stocking Blue Chip print dealers in the United States, I. Brewster & Co. does not have these problems.

The company ships art of all genres and mediums to clients and dealers all over the world. You will find their operation to be highly professional from your first contact forward to completion of each and every transaction. In addition to superior buying talent and the ability to offer prices 30% to 50% less than traditional ‘retail’ galleries, I. Brewster & Co. has thrived over the years largely due to an extremely loyal following of repeat clients and referrals.


Many people are seeking to dispose of artwork either they or loved ones have acquired. Since we are constantly selling, we are consistent buyers as well. I. Brewster & Co. is always looking to buy artwork by the artists we represent. Since we have significant financial resources, we often buy for our inventory in contrast to simply brokering pieces to other dealers as most ‘buyers’ in the fine art market do. And by owning the inventory outright, the company can offer you the best prices possible and to finalize transactions quickly and efficiently. Please keep us in mind if you or anyone you might know is looking to sell artwork.

You will be delighted to find the staff at I. Brewster & Co. to be very responsive to your questions and concerns. We will not consider any transaction complete until you, the customer, is completely satisfied. We firmly believe that any art purchase should be a fulfilling and enriching experience. We pledge to you to do all in our power to make your experience as an art collector enjoyable and rewarding.

Some notable Corporate, Charitable and Famous clients include:  

Emory University (collection from I. Brewster valued over $7m)  

The Coalition for the Protection of Children (raised $140,000.00 for their charity in one weekend) 

Nashville Museum of Art (Masters collection of over 30 pieces a year)  

American Cancer Society  

Saint Christopher Children’s Hospitals  

American Red Cross